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Vegan diet for Bradley

by Nick Giongco

To get ready for his crossroads April 12 rematch with Manny Pacquiao, unbeaten American puncher Tim Bradley is making sure a vital part of his preparation will not be overlooked.

With Bradley about to begin the hardwork — nocturnal roadwork, gym training and strength and conditioning—another facet of the preparation is already laid out: his diet.Manny Pacquiao

Bradley told Tempo in an overseas call recently that he will immediately report for training as soon his two-city (Los Angeles and New York) promotional tour is over.

Believe it or not, the 30-year-old Bradley is not into consuming red meat and similar high-protein food when he is training for a big fight.

“I go on a vegan diet when I train,” said Bradley, who was awarded a hotly-contested split decision the first time he faced Pacquiao in June 2012 at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, the venue of their second meeting.

When Bradley says vegan, he means it.

“No chicken and (not even) fish,” he said.

With training camp proper a few days away, Bradley admitted his weight is still far from ideal.

“I am 168 now,” said Bradley.

But as soon as he goes on a strict diet, Bradley expects to get rid of the excess weight in no time.

Besides, the controlled food intake will be accompanied by night jogging and intense training sessions in Palm Springs under chief trainer Joel Diaz.