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Gomez, Frayna rule GM chess

Final Standings:
MEN: 30.0 points J.Gomez, O. Barbosa; 26.5. D. Laylo; 25.5 R. Antonio; 22.5 R. Barcenilla; 21.5 M. Paragua; 18.0 J. Pimentel, R. Bitoon, E. Senador, E. Torre; 16.5 R. Nava, R. Salcedo III; 7.5 N. Reyes; 4.5 J. Habla

WOMEN: 34.5 points J. Frayna; 27.0 J. Enriquez, C. Perena; 25.5 B. Mendoza; 21.0 J. Docena, C. Mejia; 18.0 S. Mendoza, A. Lozano, L. Bermundo, B. Galas; 15.0 R. Jose; 11.0 G. Romero; 4.5 V. Cabrera

Grandmaster John Paul Gomez and Woman International Master-elect Janelle Mae Frayna captured titles in their respective divisions yesterday in the Battle of the Grandmaster Chess Championships at the Philippine Sports Commission Conference Room in Vito Cruz, Manila.

Gomez, 27, drew with Fide Master Roderick Nava after 31 moves of Slav Defense in the 13th and final round to rule the men’s division with 30 points.

GM Oliver Barbosa actually tied with Gomez with similar 30 points after beating Jony Habla in 41 moves of Bogo-Indian Defense, but Gomez won via a superior quotient.

Gomez and Barbosa, however, split the combined top two prizes of P240,000.

GM Darwin Laylo finished third with 26.5 points following a 31-move win over IM Joel Pimentel, while GM Joey Antonio halved the point with IM Richilieu Salcedo III in 45 moves of Caro-Kann Defense for fourth place with 25.5 points. Laylo and Antonio went home with R75,000 and R50,000, respectively.

Completing the top 10 finishers were GM Banjo Barcenilla (22.5 points), last year’s champion GM Mark Paragua (21.5), IM Joel Pimentel (18.0), GM Richard Bitoon, IM Emmanuel Senador (18.0) and GM Eugene Torre (18.0).

Meanwhile, Frayna downed Ynna Sophia Canape in 30 moves of English Opening to win the women’s crown and the R50,000 top prize with 34.5 points.

The FEU chesser was 7.5 points ahead of WIM Catherine Pereña and Jean Karen Enriquez, who both tallied 27 points for second place.

Pereña split the point with Shania Mae Mendoza after 30 moves of Owens Defense, while Enriquez drew with WNM Jedara Docena in 50 moves.